VeriSM™ publication launch at itSMF Estonia annual conference!

VeriSM™ publication launch at itSMF Estonia annual conference!

International Foundation for Digital Competences (IFDC), together with Van Haren Publishing, and itSMF Estonia are happy to announce that the official VeriSM publication will be launched at the itSMF Estonia annual conference in Tallinn on December 14, 2017.

VeriSM is a new service management approach that aims to help organizations to leverage various philosophies, frameworks, methodologies, and techniques by combining and adapting them to the specific requirements of the organization in question. It is positioned as an over-arching model, rather than a replacement for anything that is out there today, meant to link the advice on the “how” to principles of service management and the goals of the organization, with a focus on value for the end customer.

Van Haren Publishing has been a long-time supporter of the itSMF Estonia annual conference and is well-known in the Estonian and Nordic IT scene for their practitioner-focused publications. For itSMF Estonia this launch is an incredibly exciting opportunity, as Estonian ITSM professionals will be the first ones in the world to get their hands on the printed, final copy of the VeriSM publication.

Join us on December 14 in Tallinn for the launch, and keep an eye on the #VeriSM and #itSMFest hashtags on Twitter!

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