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On 02.05.2013 from IT Governance Ltd.

Co-published by itSMF USA, The Definitive Guide to IT Service Metrics is the bookstore’s ‘Book of the Month’.

Up-to-date and based on the ITIL® framework (as well as COBIT®, PMI®, ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO/IEC 27000), The Definitive Guide to IT Service Metrics will show you:

  • How to integrate metrics into your business
  • What to consider when gathering and reporting information
  • How to maximize the usage of metrics in order to ensure value for money from the system
  • How to secure and protect your company’s metrics.


Your itSMF Bookstore, run by IT Governance, have listed their top 10 bestsellers.

1. ITSM, ITIL® & ISO/IEC 20000 Implementation Toolkit

Fully accredited by APMG, this toolkit makes an ITIL implementation and/or ISO/IEC 20000 certification easily achievable by providing all the templates and documents you need for fast and cost-effective deployment. Completely up-to-date with the latest editions of ITIL 2011 and ISO/IEC 20000:2011, it’s no wonder that this toolkit is our No.1 bestseller!

2. ITIL (2011) Lifecycle Publication Suite

3. ITIL Foundation Handbook (Little ITIL) – 2011 Edition (Single Copies)

4. ITIL: Key Element Guide Suite – 2011 Edition

5. Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle – 2011 Edition

6. The Definitive Guide to IT Service Metrics

7. Ten Steps to ITSM Success

8. ITIL Lite: A Road Map to Full or Partial ITIL Implementation – ITIL 2011 Edition

9. Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam – 2011 Edition

10. ITIL Foundation Essentials: The exam facts you need

Remember, all the titles in the itSMF Bookstore are shipped from our Benelux warehouse and are denominated in Euro, Krona and Kuna. This means the itSMF Bookstore is aconvenient and cost-effective supplier for all your ITIL and ITSM needs.